EP 203: Al Madrigal on Comedy, Trump, and Avoiding Cilantro

Comedian Al Madrigal (The Daily Show, I'm Dying Up Here) talks about exploring the dark side of the 70's stand-up comedy boom on his new Showtime series, why he’s resisted being pidgeonholed as a latino comic, and why he thinks white guys actually have it tougher in comedy. He discusses his audition for The Daily Show, and faking a border crossing as a field correspondent. Plus seafood as revenge, why you might want to avoid cilantro for the next 4 years, and Al Madrigal on Donald Trump and the border wall.

Watch Al Madrigal’s standup special Shrimpin' Ain’t Easy and his series I’m Dying Up Here with a subscription to Showtime or Showtime Anytime. Listen to his podcast and other hilarious shows on the All Things Comedy podcast network at www.allthingscomedy.com or wherever you get your podcasts. For Al Madrigal’s live standup dates and other fun stuff, visit www.almadrigal.com, and follow him on Twitter at @almadrigal.

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