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EP 200: Anthony Atamanuik, Host of Comedy Central's THE PRESIDENT SHOW

Anthony Atamanuik, host of Comedy Central's The President Show joins me for the 200th episode of Kickass News! Anthony reveals what goes into his dead-on impersonation of the President, he shares his mixed feelings about having his own fortunes tied to those of Donald Trump, and explains why he thinks "The Donald" is a lot more like "an old lonely dowager" than the macho man he pretends to be. Atamanuik describes how Trump is not that different than the guys he grew up with in Massachusetts, he recalls what it was like to attend a Trump rally dressed up as the man himself, and he dishes about his online feud with fellow Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin. Then at the end of the podcast, Anthony Atamanuik will step aside and allow "President Trump" to answer a few of my questions about Valdimir Putin, his marriage to Melania, and more.

The President Show airs Thursdays at 11:30 Eastern on Comedy Central. For more information including full episodes, behind the scenes extras, and bonus content visit Follow Anthony Atamanuik on Twitter at @TonyAtamanuik.

Today's show is brought to you by Michael Moore's world premiere Broadway show - The Terms of My Surrender. Visit for tickets and information.

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