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EP 196: Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn on the Science of Aging

Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn is a Nobel Prize-winning scientist who was named one of TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People for her research into human telomeres and how they affect how we age. She’ll share how everything from your marriage to where you live effects your longevity, how trauma experienced during childhood and even in the womb can shorten our lives, and some tricks you can use to change your perspective and keep life’s worries from sending you to an early grave. She'll give tips for extending longevity and repairing your telomeres, she’ll weigh in on tests that measure your telomeres and supplements that claim to extend telomeres, and she'll explain why when it comes to telomere growth, you CAN get too much of a good thing.

Special thanks to the Milken Institute for hosting this interview during the 2017 Milken Global Conference. Visit to learn more about the exciting research they are doing in health science and aging.

Order her book THE TELOMERE EFFECT: A REVOLUTIONARY APPROACH TO LIVING YOUNGER, HEALTHIER, LONGER on Amazon or download the audiobook for free with a special trial offer just for our listeners at

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