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EP 195: Cyberwar Expert Alexander Klimburg

Cyber security expert Alexander Klimburg discusses his book THE DARKENING WEB: THE WAR FOR CYBERSPACE and just what the recent Russia hack means for the US, the internet, and the state liberal democracy around the world. He reveals what he believes Russia was really up to in the 2016 presidential race, and how it may be far more sinister and potentially devastating than simply influencing one election. He discusses how some of America’s most fundamental democratic values make us particularly susceptible to information warfare, how authoritarian governments like Russia and China want to scare the US into rolling back internet freedoms, and how the US may one day soon have to make a difficult choice between preserving our freedoms here at home and supporting freedom abroad.

Order THE DARKENING WEB: THE WAR FOR CYBERSPACE on Amazon or download the audiobook for free with a special trial offer just for our listeners at Follow Alexander on Twitter at @AKlimburg.

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