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EP 190: Science Writer Mary Roach on the Curious Science of Humans at War

Science writer Mary Roach talks about her new book GRUNT: THE CURIOUS SCIENCE OF HUMANS AT WAR which explores the often ignored aspects of modern warfare that relate not to the killing, but to keeping soldiers alive. She talks about various oddball military research projects with names like “The Chicken Gun” and “Stench Soup, why diareah is enemy #1 for US Special Forces, and how she experienced first hand the insomnia of working on a nuclear submarine. Plus why combat fashion matters, how medics train for real combat scenarios, and why maggots might be a wounded soldier’s best friend.

Order GRUNT: THE CURIOUS SCIENCE OF HUMANS AT WAR on Amazon or download the audiobook for free with a special promotion just for our listeners at Keep up with her at, and follow her on Twitter at @Mary_Roach.

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