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EP 189: John McEnroe on Tennis, Temper, and a Few Life Lessons

Tennis great John McEnroe talks tennis, temper, and his new book BUT SERIOUSLY. He discusses winning his first grand slam at age 20, his life after the pros, and a recurring nightmare he has about his 1984 French Open match with Ivan Lendl. McEnroe talks about some of his famous arguments with tennis umpires, and how his temper helped his game in his younger years but he says it held him back later in his career. He’ll handicap this year’s Wimbledon finals, give his characteristically frank take on the state of the game and a few things he’d like to do away with in tennis. Plus, he’ll even give me a few tips on how to improve my serve.

John McEnroe's new book BUT SERIOUSLY on Amazon or download the audiobook for free with a special promotion just for our listeners at Look for John McEnroe broadcasting live from Wimbledon 2017 on ESPN and the BBC, and learn more about the John McEnroe Tennis Academy at

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