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EP 187: Senator Mike Lee on America's Forgotten Founding Fathers

Senator Mike Lee returns to the podcast to talk about his new book Written Our of History and some of America's founding fathers you've never heard of. He discusses the Iriquo chief who had a profound impact on Benjamin Franklin, the slave woman who won her own freedom and paved the way for emancipation, the founding father's who refused to sign the Constitution, and why they may have been vindicated by history. Plus Senator Lee explains why he thinks it’s time to wrap up the Russia investigation, what the Broadway musical Hamilton gets wrong about Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, and whether or not the founding fathers intended for the U.S. Constitution to be a "living breathing document."

Order Senator Mike Lee's new book Written Out of History: The Forgotten Founders Who Fought Big Government on Amazon or download the audio book for free with a special trial offer from Audible at Keep up with him at and follow him on Twitter at @SenMikeLee.

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