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EP 186: GMOs - Fact vs. Fiction w/ filmmaker Scott Hamilton Kennedy

Scott Hamilton Kennedy is the Oscar-nominated filmmaker behind a new documentary narrated by Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson called Food Evolution which explores the controvery over GMO foods and the science of genetically modified crops. Today, he explains exactly what GMO’s are, and whether there’s any scientific evidence that GMOs harm humans or the environment. He discusses how Hawaii became ground zero for the debate over GMOs and a misguided GMO ban in Uganda that threatened to starve 1/3 of the country’s population. We talk about who is fueling alarmism over GMOs, what motivates them, and the problems facing scientist who are trying to combat the anti-GMO hysteria with facts and data. He debunks the infamous Seralini Study that claimed GMO causes cancer, and he reveals the truth behind claims that GMOs have increased harmful pesticides. Plus he shares some of the remarkable things that scientists are working on with GMOs, and what would happen if the whole world went organic.

Food Evolution opens in theaters in New York City on June 23 and in Los Angeles on June 30. For more information, visit and follow the film on Twitter at @foodevomovie.

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