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EP 184: The Art of Manliness w/ Brett McKay

Brett McKay is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Art of Manliness, the largest independent men’s lifestyle magazine on the web, and the host of The Art of Manliness podcast. We discuss the changing definitions of manliness, what many are calling a modern crisis of manhood, and why men don’t fix things anymore. Brett shares his tips on things like how to be an awesome uncle, how to use your baby as exercise equipment, how to get the perfect shoe shine, survive a bear attack, and how to use your smart phone to start a fire. Plus Teddy Roosevelt, the Eisenhower decision matrix, and a crash course in situational awareness.

Order Brett McKay's new book The Illustrated Art of Manliness: The Essential How-To Guide: Survival • Chivalry • Self-Defense • Style • Car Repair • And More on Amazon. Check out and subscribe to The Art of Manliness podcast on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. Follow Brett on Twitter at @BrettMcKay.

Today's episode is sponsored by Aspiration. If you're fed up with big banks and poor interest rates visit

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