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EP 180: Comedian Demetri Martin on Directing, Drawing, and Death

Comedian Demetri Martin discusses his directorial debut on his new movie DEAN. He talks about how writing and directing a film about coping with grief helped him deal with his own loss and required him to rely more heavily on his own creative instincts. He also talks about lovingly lampooning LA in DEAN, working with Kevin Kline, giving up law school for comedy, and how he came to incorporate his drawings into his standup act. Plus Demetri Martin on fatherhood, seeing the world through his children's eyes and how to make binoculars out of toilet paper rolls.

DEAN opens in theaters Friday, June 2. Check your local listings for theaters and show times or visit for more information. Follow Demetri Martin on Twitter at @DemetriMartin and visit his website at for more on his drawings, books, and live shows.

Today’s episode is sponsored by Outside the Box, Couchbase, and Hello Fresh. Outside the Box is a new podcast featuring conversations with some of the most brilliant thought leaders, innovators, and visionaries today, available on Apple Podcasts, Sticher, or wherever you get your podcasts. The Couchbase Engagement Database is the only database specifically designed to deliver ever richer and more personalized customer experiences as your business innovates and grows. Learn more at Hello Fresh delivers new delicious meals with step-by-step recipes designed to take around 30 minutes. For $30 off your first week of deliveries, visit and enter KICK30 when you subscribe!

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