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EP 172: Prof. Allan J. Lichtman Predicts Impeachment for President Donald Trump

Professor Allan J. Lichtman has successfully predicted every US Presidential election since 1984, and now he predicts a bumpy road ahead for President Donald Trump in his new book The Case for Impeachment. He talks about what he sees as the 8 most likely paths to impeaching Donald Trump including the possibility of removing Trump from office on the grounds that he is mentally unfit to hold office. He discusses the surprising likehood of Republicans in Congress abandoning Trump in favor of VP Mike Pence, and he gives some tips for how Donald Trump could save his Presidency. Step 1 - fire Steve Bannon!

Order The Case for Impeachment on Amazon or download the audio version for free with a special offer for our listeners at Follow Professor Lichtman on twitter at @AllanLichtman.

Today's episode is sponsored by Churh & State, the new dramedy about faith, politics, and “The Twitter"now playing at the New World Stages in NYC. For tickets and information, visit

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