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EP 171: Inside Hillary Clinton's Shattered Campaign w/ Jonathan Allen

Political writer Jonathan Allen discusses his new book Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign. He talks about the various warring factions in the Clinton camp including Huma Abedin, John Podesta, and Robby Mook, and organizational disfunction and “too many cooks in the kitchen” undermined Hillary’s campaign. We discuss some of the fundamental flaws with Hillary Clinton as a candidate including her inability to articulate why she was running, her tone deaf response to outrage over her private email server, and he own admission that she didn’t “get what’s happening with the country.” Plus we’ll discuss how how close Joe Biden got to entering the race, how much of a factor Bill Clinton was, and a minute by minute account of election night from those who witnessed Hillary’s soul-crushing defeat first hand.

Order Shattered: Insider Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign on Amazon or download the audio version for free with a special offer for our listeners at Follow Jonathan Allen on twitter at @jonallendc.

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