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EP 164: Philipp Meyer and Kevin Murphy Talk Texas Oil and Buffalo Blood

Acclaimed author Philipp Meyer and executive producer Kevin Murphy discuss adapting Meyer's Pulitzer-nominated novel THE SON into an epic new AMC drama series starring Pierce Brosnan. They talk about the frontier spirit that led larger than life characters to risk everything, first in the cattle business and then in the Texas oil boom, and how that story fits into the mythology of America. They talk about the violent racial history of Texas including the oft forgotten chapter known as the "bandit wars," and how popular culture glosses over native Americans own bloody past. Plus Philipp Meyer drinks buffalo blood!

The two hour series premiere of THE SON airs tonight Saturday, April 8 at 9/8C on AMC. For more information, visit Order Philipp Meyer's novels THE SON and AMERICAN RUST on Amazon. Visit Philipp Meyer's website at and follow Kevin Murphy on Twitter at @@kevinmurphyhc.

Today's episode is sponsored by Blue Apron. Try Blue Apron and get your first three meals free with free shipping by visiting

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