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EP 162: Theoretical Physicist Lawrence Krauss Answers "Why Are We Here?"

Theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss (A Universe from Nothing) is at the forefront of the quest to discover the origins of the universe and human existence. He says human beings need to get past our need to believe that we’re “the center of the universe” and to start focusing on how we’re here instead of why we’re here. Today he talks about that and his new book The Greatest Story Ever Told--So Far: Why Are We Here?

He gives a sweeping narrative of the history of science, which he says is far more compelling than bible parables, and he discusses some of the great physicists who make up part of that story. He extols the virtue of science for science sake and not just for developing new consumer gadgets. In the process, he takes on education in America, President Donald Trump, so-called “intelligent design,” and Deepak Chopra. Plus he reveals why The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (which he chairs) just moved the infamous “doomsday clock” a lot closer to midnight.

Order The Greatest Story Ever Told--So Far: Why Are We Here? on Amazon or download the audiobook for free at Learn more about Lawrence Krauss at and follow Lawrence Krauss on Twitter at @LKrauss1.

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