EP 152: VICE Correspondents Gianna Toboni & Isobel Yeung

Gianna Toboni and Isobel Yeung are the fearless correspondents for HBO's news magazine show VICE.

On today’s episode, Gianna and Isobel voice their concerns about President Trump’s recent demonization of journalists and discuss some of the stories they cover in Season 5 of VICE. Isobel shares her encounter with Bashar Assad’s Orwellian propaganda machine as she covered the War in Syria, and she talks about her experience spending the night in women’s prison. Gianna reveals the difficult decisions facing trans youths, she shares her personal experience sneaking into France with migrant refugees, and the shocking war on drugs taking place in the Philippines. Plus extending longevity, curing blindness, and the fast food of the Middle East.

Season 5 of VICE premieres on HBO this Friday, February 24, at 7:30PM Eastern. You can watch it on demand with a subscription to HBO GO or HBO NOW. For more information, visit www.hbo.com/vice or www.vice.com. Follow Gianna and Isobel on Twitter at @giannatoboni and @isobelyeung.

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