EP 146: Amazon's Fresh New Take on Zelda & Scott Fitzgerald

Amazon is telling the story of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald through Zelda’s eyes in the new television series Z: The Beginning of Everything which stars Christina Ricci and David Hoflin as the original “IT” couple.

Today, David Hoflin talks about filling the shoes of America’s most iconic author, the often disfunctional relationship between Scott and Zelda, and their cautionary tale about getting too much, too soon. Then I talk with the executive producers and creators of Z: The Beginning of Everything Nicole Yorkin and Dawn Prestwich. They talk about what attracted them to Zelda’s POV, they weigh in on whether F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “borrowing” of his wife’s words amounts to plagiarism, and whether Zelda’s husband may have contributed to her steady descent into madness. Plus Nicole shares memories of her father - legendary TV producer Bud Yorkin.

Watch the first season of Z: The Beginning of Everything with a subscription to Amazon Prime. For more information visit www.amazon.com and search Z: The Beginning of Everything. Also be sure to check out Dawn and Nicole’s other brilliant show The Killing on AMC.

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