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EP 141: Globalist Parag Khanna Calls for Technocracy in America

Leading global strategist and best-selling author Parag Khanna returns to the show to discuss his new book Technocracy in America: The Rise of the Info-State. On today’s podcast, he proposes a 7-person Presidency, replacing the U.S. Senate with an Assembly of Governors, and he discusses which cabinet agencies should be eliminated or combined for better efficiency. He reveals what countries like Singapore and Switzerland are getting right, what the federal government can learn from America’s mayors and cities, and why he says if you want to “Make America Great Again,” build a road.

Order Parag Khanna’s book Technocracy in America: The Rise of the Info-State on Amazon. You

can keep up with Parag Khanna at, or on Twitter at @paragkhanna.

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