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EP 115: Phoebe Judge & Lauren Spohrer of CRIMINAL Podcast

CRIMINAL is the wildly popular true-crime podcast hosted by Phoebe Judge and produced Lauren Spohrer. These "partners in crime" talk about the criminal justice system, their love of fictional detective stories, and how the name of their podcast sometimes proves problematic when booking guests. They share some of the quirkier and more touching stories they’ve investigated including a truck stop owner with a Bengal tiger, the black market for a famously hard to get bottle of bourbon, and a white collar prison inside the last leper colony in America. Plus we discuss getting letters from prison, cops who won’t talk, and whether or not they would take an interview with Charles Manson.

Subscribe to CRIMINAL on iTunes and visit their website at Order tickets to their upcoming live podcast recordings in Washington, DC (10/25), Durham, NC (10/27), Philadelphia, PA (10/28), Anaheim, CA (10/29), Brooklyn (10/31-11/01), Boston, PA (11/02), Chicago, IL (11/04), Iowa City, IA (11/05), Minneapolis, MN (11/06), Seattle, WA (11/07), Portland, OR (11/09), San Francisco (11/14), and Toronto (11/18).

Follow CRIMINAL on Twitter at @CriminalShow and follow Phoebe Judge and Lauren Spohrer at @PhoebeVJudge and @LaurenSpohrer.

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