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EP 110: Discovery Network's "Taking Fire" w/ guest Kyle Boucher and J.J. McCool

TAKING FIRE is a 5-part docu-series for The Discover Network that follows a handful of rookies with the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division who packed helmet cameras to film their one year deployment to the farthest flung region of the Taliban-held Korangal Valley in Afghanistan in 2010.

Today I talk with Kyle Boucher and J.J. McCool who did triple duty as soldiers, cameramen and stars of this unconventional series. They reveal how they were able to film this remarkable footage without interference from the Pentagon, they talk about some of the risks they took to get the perfect shot, and discuss the creepy feeling of fighting an enemy they couldn’t see but who was constantly watching them. They speak frankly about their working relationship with the Afghan National Army and the local Police forces, and what it's like getting shot at in the shower, at dinner, and while working out at “the world’s deadliest gym.”

The first episode of TAKING FIRE premieres tonight, Tuesday, September 13, at 10PM ET/9PM CT on The Discovery Network. Check your local listings or visit to learn more.

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