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EP 109: David Cay Johnston on The Making of Donald Trump

David Cay Johnston is a Pultizer Prize winning investigative reporter who covered Donald Trump for 30 years for the New York Times. He pulls back the curtain on the carefully crafted illusion of Donald Trump in his new best-seller The Making of Donald Trump.

Today David shares what he knows about Trump’s shady family history, and his close ties to organized crime bosses and a convicted drug trafficker. He calls into question Trump’s claims that he is a billionaire, a philanthropist, and a Wharton MBA. He exposes the many investors, vendors, and clients who have been ripped off, swindled, and stiffed by Donald Trump. He reveals evidence that Donald Trump deceived the New Jersey Gaming Commission in order to get his casino license and speculates on the curious matter of a forged tax return. Plus we’ll answer why Trump doesn’t want to release his taxes and does Donald Trump have any friends?

Order David Cay Johnston’s new bestseller The Making of Donald Trump on Amazon or download the audio version for free through a special offer for our listeners at You can read David Cay Johnston’s weekly columns in and You can follow him on Twitter at @DavidCayJ and learn more on his website at

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