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EP 108: Ann Coulter on Trump, Immigration, The Roast, and Lizard People

Ann Coulter follows up her Comedy Central Roast appearance by coming on Kickass Politics to talk about Trump, immigration, and more. She explains what the Trump phenomenon is really about, why she says he is uniquely suited to take on the political establishment, and why it’s time for the GOP stop living in the 80’s and get over Reagan. We talk about Trump’s meeting with Mexican President Nieto and the speculation that Trump is “softening” his stance on deportation. Plus she answers questions from liberals like “Is this all an act?” and “Is she a lizard person?”

And if you enjoyed today’s episode with Ann Coulter, then order his book IN TRUMP WE TRUST: E PLURIBUS AWESOME on Amazon or download the audio book at You can follow Ann Counter on Twitter at @AnnCoulter or at

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