EP 104: Creators of AMC's Halt & Catch Fire, Chris Cantwell and Chris Rogers

August 22, 2016

Chris Cantwell and Chris Rogers are the creators, show-runners, and executive producers of AMC's Halt and Catch Fire, and today they talk about the real stories and personalities that inspired them to create the fictional series about the personal computer revolution that came out of the Texas "Silicon Prairie" in the 1980's.  


We discuss the constant tug of war between the programmers and the visionaries in the tech industry and which Steve they'd rather be (Wozniak or Jobs).  They hint at what we can expect in season 3 including moving the show's setting to Silicon Valley and a shift in focus from the PC boom to the birth of the internet.  Plus, our collective love of dysfunctional 80's robots.


Be sure to watch the 2-hour season premiere of Halt and Catch Fire at 9PM Eastern on Tuesday (8/23) on AMC.  For more information, visit www.AMC.com.  You can follow Chris Cantwell on Twitter at @ifyoucantwell and Chris Rogers at @CCR.


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