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EP 100: Special Guest Dick Cavett

TV legend and witty raconteur Dick Cavett joins me for my 100th episode. Known as the “thinking man’s talk show host,” Dick Cavett shares stories from his 5 decades in television. He discusses how he broke into show business, his long friendship with his person idol Groucho Marx, his surprisingly chummy relationship with late-night rival Johnny Carson, and how he found out he was on Nixon’s enemies list. He talks about the time Normal Mailer nearly went to blows with Gore Vidal on his show and his dubious distinction as the only talk show host ever to have a guest die on air. He reminisces about Muhammad Ali, Truman Capote, Jack Benny, Walter Winchell, Ed Sullivan and others, plus he tells the story of the night a woman tried to seduce he and Marlon Brando into threesome.

If you enjoyed my conversation with Dick Cavett, then order his book Brief Encounters: Conversations, Magic moments, and Assorted Hijinks on Amazon or you can download the audio version of her book for free through a special trial offer just for our listeners at You can follow Dick Cavett on Twitter at @TheDickCavett and visit his website at for show clips, episode guides, and news from Dick Cavett.

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