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EP 97: The Dawn of Driverless Cars

Self-driving cars are coming faster than you think. Today I talk with Raj Rajkumar, co-director of the General Motors-Carnegie Mellon Autonomous Driving Research Lab about the tech behind driverless cars, the challenges they're encountering, and how they plan to protect passengers from a hostile cyber-attack. Then I talk with Doug Newcomb, the founder and president of the Connected Car Council, about selling American drivers on the idea of giving up so much control, the life-saving/time-saving potential of this technology, and the massive cultural and economic changes that will come from the autonomous car revolution. We also discuss regulation and how one day soon, driving your own vehicle on public roads will quite possibly be outlawed.

Special thanks to the Milken Institute for hosting this interview during the 2016 Milken Global Conference. Visit to learn more about their work in the areas of science, education and innovation.

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