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EP 95: Dana Loesch Stands Up for Flyover Country

Dana Loesch is the host of Dana on Glenn Beck's The Blaze TV and the nationally syndicated radio show The Dana Show: The Conservative Alternative. She has a new book called Flyover Nation: You Can't Run a Country You've Never Been To, and on today's podcast, she stands up for the good folks of the so-called "flyover states" and corrects misperceptions and media portrayals of the hardworking people in middle America. Dana talks about what matters in Flyover Nation, including issues like gun control, manufacturing jobs, and religious liberty. We discuss what it is that Trump voters in Flyover Nation are so angry about and the irony of the blue collar Americans choosing a rich New Yorker to represent the interests of the common man. Plus, Dana really, really likes Walmart!

If you enjoyed my conversation with Dana Loesch, then order her new book Flyover Nation on Amazon or you can download the audio version of her book for free through a special trial offer just for our listeners at You can find out more about Dana including stations and showtimes for her syndicated radio show The Dana Show on her website at, and subscribe to The Blaze TV to watch her show Dana every weekday. Follow Dana Loesch on Twitter at @DLoesch.

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