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EP 91: Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper Talks Beer, Politics, & More

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is rumored to be on Hillary's short list for VP and today he talks about his unconventional path to political office, his success as a brewmaster, and how he sees his state as a microcosm for America. He also discusses Colorado as a test case for marijuana legalization and bridging the gap between environmentalists and the energy industry. Plus Governor Hickenlooper talks about drinking frack fluid, nude photography, what makes a good beer, and why he once took his mother to see the X-rated movie "Deep Throat."

If you enjoyed my conversation with Governor John Hickenlooper, you can order his new book THE OPPOSITE OF WOE: MY LIFE IN BEER AND POLITICS on Amazon or download the audio version for free with a special offer just for our listeners at Follow him on Twitter at @HickforCO and visit his original brewpub Wynnkoop next time you're in Denver.

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