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EP 82: Vicente Fox on Trump, Trade & The Wall

In his frankest interview yet, former Mexican President Vicente Fox pulls no punches about the man he calls a “false prophet." It was recorded the same week as his apology to Donald Trump, and President Fox strike a very different tone,doubling down on his statement "I'm not going to pay for the f-ing wall" and adding "and please don’t take out the f-ing full word." Vicente Fox compares the man he calls the "hated gringo" and "ugly American" to Latin American dictators like Hugo Chavez and Juan Peron. He also warns that if Trump starts a trade war, then Mexico could retaliate by stopping or limiting money transfers and remittances for US corporations and American tourists in Mexico. Because as Vicente Fox says "Don’t play around with us, we can jump walls, we can swim rivers, & we can defend ourselves." And he warns that if Trump becomes President, he "could take us to a war, not just a trade war."

Special thanks to the Milken Institute for hosting this interview during the 2016 Milken Global Conference. Visit to learn more. If you enjoyed this interview, you can learn more about the Centro Fox at You can follow Vicente Fox on Twitter at @VicenteFoxQue.

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