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EP 81: Disaster Response w/ Steve McAndrew, Head of Emergency Operations for the International Red C

Today’s guest is Steven McAndrew, Head of Emergency Operations for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. He's been on the front lines of some of the biggest disasters in recent history including earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, super-typhoons, disease outbreaks, and violent conflicts. He'll talk about what it's like to snap into action, coordinate a disaster response, and mobilize his teams every passing hour can be the difference between life and death. He'll talk about his work leading the Red Cross response to the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone and what that taught him about the importance of information/education and the potential for a global pandemic. Plus he'll share his recent experiences handling a very different sort of humanitarian disaster as Head of the Emergency Operations for the Syrian Refugee Crisis.

To donate and learn more about the International Committee of the Red Cross, go to You can also visit, to donate and volunteer at a Red Cross location near you.

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