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EP 80: AOL Co-founder Steve Case on the Internet's Third Wave

Today’s guest is the co-founder & former CEO of AOL Steve Case. In his new book THIRD WAVE: AN ENTREPRENEUR’S VISION OF THE FUTURE, Steve describes the third wave of the internet’s evolution in which the internet is going to be ingrained in every aspect of our lives and he talks about the business sectors that stand to benefit most. He’ll discuss the key factors that will separate the successful startups from the failures and why disruptive industries won’t necessarily spring up in Silicon Valley but all over the country. He’ll reminisce about the early days of the internet and the lessons learned as he took AOL from an idea that no one even knew they wanted to the biggest merger in business history.

If you enjoyed today’s episode, order THIRD WAVE: AN ENTREPENEUR’S VISION OF THE FUTURE on Amazon or download the audiobook for free through a special trial offer just for our listeners at You can follow Arianna Huffington at or on Twitter at @SteveCase.

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