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EP 69: Theoretical Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku on Einstein, Gravity Waves, and the Science of Future (

My guest today is world renowned theoretical physicist, futurist, best-selling author, and popularizer of science Dr. Michio Kaku. He is the co-founder of string field theory and he continues to work on his ambitious mission to complete Albert Einstein's Unified Field Theory a.k.a. Einstein's Theory of Everything. Today he'll talk about his work on the Unified Field Theory, he'll discuss how the recent discovery of Einstein's Gravitation Waves will give scientists "a window into creation," and how his lifelong love of theoretical physics and the science of the future began. He'll reveal the real science that may one day make science fiction wonders like force fields, time machines, starships, teleportation, and travel to parallel universes possible. Plus Dr. Michio Kaku saves my life from the same thing that took down Malaysia Air Flight 370.

If you enjoyed my interview with Dr. Michio Kaku, then follow him at or on Twitter at @michiokaku. You can order his books Einstein's Cosmos, The Physics of the Impossible, The Physics of the Future, and The Future of the Mind on Amazon or you can download the audio version of these books for free with a special trial offer at Also be sure to subscribe to his weekly podcast on iTunes called Science Fantastic.

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