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EP 61: Doug Schoen, Pollster & Fox News Political Analyst, Talks About "The Nixon Effect&qu

Doug Schoen is Democrat pollster, campaign consultant, author, and Fox News political analyst. He pioneered overnight polling and has worked on the campaigns on Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Evan Bayh, Michael Bloomberg, Tony Blair, Silvio Berlusconi and three Israeli Prime Ministers just to name a few. He’s a regular columnist for The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Newsmax.

He’s authored eleven books, and today he comes on the podcast to talk about his latest book THE NIXON EFFECT: HOW RICHARD NIXON’S PRESIDENCY FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGED AMERICAN POLITICS. Doug makes the case that Richard Nixon was one of the most accomplished Presidents in history and the most liberal president in modern times. He’ll also talk about the profound effect that Nixon has had on the politics of the past 40 years including inventing the wedge issue, creating the “Silent Majority,” launching the GOP’s often misunderstood “Southern Strategy,” polarizing the two parties in ways we still see today, and unintentionally giving birth to the modern conservative movement.

Plus we talk about why the polling business has missed the mark in several recent high profile elections, what can be done to improve polling accuracy, and Doug’s recommendations for the most reliable public polls.

If you enjoyed this episode, then order Doug Schoen’s book THE NIXON EFFECT: HOW RICHARD NIXON’S PRESIDENCY FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGED AMERICAN POLITICS on Amazon. You can follow Doug Schoen on Twitter at @DouglasESchoen or at You can also read his regular column for Newsmax Magazine at

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