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Episode 38: Mark Steyn on the Faulty Science of Global Warming Guru Michael Mann & His Famous &q

My guest on this podcast is Mark Steyn. He’s a conservative political commentator and New York Times best-selling author, but you probably know him best as the frequent guest host for The Rush Limbaugh Show. He also appears every week on The Hugh Hewitt Radio Show, writes the backpage column for National Review magazine called "Happy Warrior," and he has his own blog at

For nearly 3 years now, Mark Steyn’s been in a legal battle with a climatologist at Penn State named Michael E. Mann. Mann is the guy who came up with that famous hockey stick graph that became the centerpiece of Al Gore’s whole global warming thesis in An Inconvenient Truth. When Mark Steyn called Mann’s global warming predictions “fraudulent,” Mann sued him for “defamation of a Nobel Prize-winner.”

Now Mark Steyn is fighting back with his new book A DISGRACE TO THE PROFESSION: THE WORLD’S SCIENTISTS IN THEIR OWN WORDS, ON MICHAEL E. MANN, HIS HOCKEY STICK AND THEIR DAMAGE TO SCIENCE (VOLUME 1), which brings together dozens of the world’s most prominent scientists to call b.s. on Michael Mann’s global warming predictions and the questionable methods behind it. We'll discuss his beef with Michael Mann and the distiguished group of scientists who are now speaking out against Mann's global warming projections. Plus we'll talk about Rush Limbaugh and the primary race in Mark's adopted state of New Hampshire.

Click here to download the episode and subscribe on iTunes.

If you enjoy this episode then you can order Mark Steyn’s book A DISGRACE TO THE PROFESSION on Amazon or get an autographed copy on Mark’s website at

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