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Episode 33: The Conservative Heart with guest Arthur C. Brooks, President of the American Enterprise

My guest today is Arthur C. Brooks, best-selling conservative author and president of the American Enterprise Institute. He has a new book called THE CONSERVATIVE HEART: HOW TO BUILD A FAIRER, HAPPIER, AND MORE PROSPEROUS AMERICA. He says conservatives need to stop just being against things and start being FOR people. He talks about his journey to from a french horn player and a liberal ex-patriot living in Barcelona to economist, best-selling conservative author and head of A.E.I. He believes conservatives must become better at delivering their message and relating to everyday Americans if they're going to grow the party and he has some advice for the 2016 candidates. He also says Republicans need to correct the impression that they are against entitlements and a social safety net and they need to make fighting poverty and lifting up people a moral priority. Click here to subscribe and download this episode of KickAss Politics with Ben Mathis on iTunes.

If you enjoyed this episode then buy THE CONSERVATIVE HEART: HOW TO BUILD A FAIRER, HAPPIER, AND MORE PROSPEROUS AMERICA by Arthur C. Brooks on Amazon.

Or you can download the audio version of THE CONSERVATIVE HEART for free with the special offer for our listeners from Just go to for your free audio book download and your free 30 day trial from Audible.

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