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Episode 27: Popular Economics with John Tamny, editor of RealClearMarkets

Today's guest is John Tamny. He is the editor of and the political economy editor at Forbes Magazine. He’s got new book called Popular Economics: What the Rolling Stones, Downton Abbey, and LeBron James Can Teach You About Economics. He’ll pull back to the curtain to explain how economics is one of the simplest and most basic disciplines to understand because according to him everyone is an economist. He’ll explain how the Dallas Cowboys, and Paris Hilton are excellent examples of good and bad tax policy. And how Monday Night Football and HBO's The Sopranos reveal the downside of anti-trust regulation. He'll also explain why the U.S. should eliminate the dividend tax, why Americans should embrace free trade, and why he thinks it's time for us to go back to the gold standard.

Even better, you can download the audio book of Popular Economics for FREE thanks to a special promotion just for our listeners from Go to to sign up for a free 30-day trial and get your free audio book.

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