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EP 518: My Podcast with André

Acclaimed actor, writer, and theatre director André Gregory joins me on the show to talk about his unusual life from his Jewish father’s possible collaboration with the Nazis and his mom’s affair with Errol Flynn to the 14 year rehearsal for his production of Ibsen’s The Master Builder and the time the local Sheriff escorted him out of his own repertory theatre and dumped him across the state line in the middle of nowhere. We get into his longtime collaboration with actor/writer Wallace Shawn, how their conversations lead to the iconic film My Dinner with André, and whether they’ve ever considered a sequel. Plus we discuss how that movie presaged the chaos of the Trump era, how his production of a play that would never open became the hottest ticket on Broadway, and why he and Wally Shawn will soon bring their talents to podcasting.

Order André Gregory's new book This Is Not My Memoir on Amazon, Audible or wherever books are sold.


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