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EP 500: Actor Richard Jenkins Discusses His Long Path to Hollywood Success

Oscar-nominated actor Richard Jenkins talks about his prolific career as one of Hollywood’s most reliable character actors and achieving fame later in life on the hit HBO series Six Feet Under. He talks about some of his favorite films including Step Brothers and The Shape of Water, how director Guillermo del Toro gives actors a whole bible of background information on their characters, and the difference between working with the Coen Brothers and the Farrelly Brothers. Richard discusses his role as a working class man in rust belt Michigan in The Last Shift and what the film has to say about racial injustice, income inequality, and finding common ground during these political divisive times. He also talks about his role as a shameless grifter in Kajillionaire, how the film redefines the traditional family, and what it was like to battle a never-ending deluge of bubbles for the movie!

Kajillionaire and The Last Shift both open in theaters this Friday, September 25, and Kajillionaire will come out on Video-On-Demand beginning October 16.

Today's episode is sponsored by the new podcast What's Ahead with Steve Forbes, the new Freeform series Kal Penn Approves This Message, and V-Thrive, The Vitamin Shoppe brand of vitamins and supplements.

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