EP 469: Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz

May 4, 2020

Thomas Middleditch (Silicon Valley) and Ben Schwartz (Parks and Rec) talk about their improv training at Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade, the fateful day they joined forces to become the improv team of Middleditch & Schwartz, and how they still get a kick out of trying to make each other crack up on stage.  They reveal what it’s like to make-up a 45 minute play as they go along, how they keep as many as 20 characters straight (and even switch characters during a performance), and what happens when one of them ends the sketch, but the other one keeps on going.  Then they discuss the transition from doing a performance that exists entirely in the moment to recording them for all eternity for their new Netflix comedy specials.  Plus Middleditch and Schwartz talk about their obsession with Daniel Day Lewis, the night they played Carnegie Hall, and more.


Their three completely improvised comedy specials Middleditch & Schwartz are now streaming on Netflix. Follow Thomas on Instagram at @Tombini, follow Ben on Twitter at @RejectedJokes, and visit www.middleditchandschwartz.com.  Today's episode was sponsored by Demand Justice.  Visit www.demandjustice.org/kick to learn more and support voting rights in 2020.


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