EP 467: Wagner Moura on Diplomats and Drug Lords

April 27, 2020

Wagner Moura discusses how his first career as a journalist informs his acting, what it was like to play ruthless drug lord Pablo Escobar on Netflix’s Narcos, and how he gained (and then lost) all of that weight for the role.  He talks about his fascination with the late UN diplomat Sergio de Mello, playing him in the new film Sergio, and how Iraq might have turned out very differently if de Mello had lived to complete his mission there.  He says working with war correspondent and documentary filmmaker Greg Barker added extra authenticity to Sergio, he reveals that they even used real-life refugees as extras on the film, and he suggests that the political leaders who are now dealing with the Coronavirus could learn from Sergio de Mello's example.  


See Wagner Moura in Sergio, no streaming on Netflix.  Today's episode was sponsored by Demand Justice.  Visit www.demandjustice.org/kick to learn more and support voting rights in 2020.  

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