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EP 374: Jordan Klepper Goes on the Frontlines of Change

Jordan Klepper returns to the podcast to talk about getting out of the studio and getting out in the real world again for his new Comedy Central docu-series Klepper. He tells the story of a wrestling club in Texas that is helping veterans body slam their way through PTSD, what it says about how vets get treated by the VA and by their fellow Americans, and how Jordan faired when he donned a cape and got in the ring with them. Then Jordan recalls sleeping in the swamp for two nights and capsizing his boat in the Louisiana bayou as part of a direct action protest. He discusses how Georgia is making life difficult for children of undocumented workers and how they are looking to the civil rights movement of the 60’s for inspiration. Plus Jordan opens up about the incident that got him arrested and his memorable stay in the Fulton County Jail.

Jordan Klepper's new series Klepper airs Thursdays at 10:30PM ET on Comedy Central. Visit for more information and follow Jordon on Twitter at @jordanklepper. Today's episode was sponsored by SiriusXMradio. Subscribe to Kickass News on Apple Podcasts and leave us a review, follow us on Twitter at @KickassNewsPod, and take our short listener survey at

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