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EP 320: Legendary Sports Announcer Verne Lundquist

Legendary sports broadcaster Verne Lundquist recalls some of his favorite moments in sports and some of his favorite calls from Jack Nicklaus's final victory at the 1986 Masters and Tonya Harding's attack on Nancy Kerrigan at the 1994 Olympics to Christian Laettner's buzzer beater in the NCAA tournament and the Auburn-Alabama shocker of 2013. Verne shares why one radio station owner wanted him to change his name to "Jerry Lund," why he hated his short lived stint as a local news reporter in San Antonio, and how Tex Schram lured him to Dallas to become the voice of the Cowboys. He recalls how Scott Hamilton gave him a crash course in skating during his first Winter Olympics, why he took it as a demotion when CBS first moved him from covering the NFL to the South Eastern Conference, and he gets a little sentimental when he talks about the huge sendoff that he got during his final season announcing SEC football.

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