EP 301: Jenna Elfman Talks Zombie Preparedness and Dharma & Greg in the Trump Era

August 9, 2018

Jenna Elfman talks about joining the cast of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead, shares her strategy for surviving a zombie apocalypse, and reveals how working on the show got her thinking about her own family's emergency preparedness.  She discusses her first experience with a "walker" on set, how doing her own stunts has made her a bit of a badass in the eyes of her two young sons, and what it was like to interact with The Walking Dead’s diehard fans at Comicon.  Plus Jenna talks about how she and her husband learned that the couple that podcasts together stays together and whether it's time to bring back her hit series Dharma and Greg for the Trump-era.


Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead returns this Sunday, August 12 at 9/8C on AMC. Visit www.amc.com for more information.  Check out Jenna and her husband's podcast Kicking and Screaming on iTunes or Stitcher, and follow Jenna on twitter at @JennaElfman.  Today's podcast is sponsored by Monster Espresso and GooglePlay.

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