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EP 300: 977 Days Captive By Somali Pirates

Journalist Michael Scott Moore went to Somalia to write an article about Somali pirates only be kidnapped and held hostage for 977 days as his mother tried to come up with his ransom. He discusses his captivity, his one daring escape attempt, and how he didn’t even believe it when he was finally released. He discusses how pirates use the media to drive up their ransom demands, their shocking naiveté about America, and how the man known as the Somali pirate kingpin didn't even know about US policy against paying for hostages. He shares how one of his guards rationalized being a muslim and a pirate, why the supposed ideological motives for Somali piracy are b.s., and the strange fate that befell his pirate captors after he left.

Order Michael Scott Moore's book The Desert and the Sea: 977 Days Captive on the Somali Pirate Coast on Amazon or Audible. Visit his website at and follow him on twitter at @MichaelSctMoore. Today's podcast is sponsored by Monster Espresso and GooglePlay.

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