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EP 298: Bo Burnham Returns to Middle School

Comedian Bo Burnham discusses making his directorial debut with his critically acclaimed film EIGHTH GRADE which explores the humor and horror of modern adolescence. He talks about why he went to great lengths to avoid nostalgia in his portrayal of life in middle school and how casting a real 13 year old girl kept him honest. He shares how he drew inspiration from watching hours of web videos by middle schoolers, how much the internet has changed since he made his own Youtube debut in 2006, and why he doesn’t judge millennials for their addiction to social media. He reveals why he only allowed his lead actress to read the script once before shooting and how the comedian known for very BIG humor learned to appreciate the small moments. Plus a few words of wisdom for kids going through those awkward years!

EIGHTH GRADE is now playing in theatres nationwide. For more information and showtimes, visit Also check out and follow him on twitter at @BoBurnham. Today's podcast is sponsored by Dollar Shave Club and GooglePlay.

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