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EP 252: Twice the Funny w/ the Sklar Brothers

Comedians Randy and Jason Sklar talk about how they got into comedy and why they don’t just want to be known as the "twin comics." They talk about their podcast Dumb People Town that riffs on the dumbing down of America, talk about a few of the DPT characters who’ve become folk heroes to their fans, and what it says about life in the age of Donald Trump. Plus they talk about their new docu-comedy Poop Talk that uses humor to address one the biggest social taboos of all.

The Sklar Brothers' new film Poop Talk is available On Demand, on iTunes, on Amazon, and in theaters starting Friday, February 16. Subscribe to the Sklar bros podcasts Dumb People Town and View from the Cheap Seats. Visit their website at and follow them on twitter at @SklarBrothers. Today's episode was sponsored by Last Week Tonight w/ John Oliver, Google Cloud Platform Weekly Podcast, and Grasshopper.

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