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EP 248: David Cay Johnston Tried to Warn You about Trump

David Cay Johnston, bestselling author of The Making of Donald Trump, returns to the podcast to say "I told you so" and discuss his new book It’s Worse Than You Think: What the Trump Administration Is Doing to America. The Pulitzer-winning investigative journalist says the President who promised to "drain the swamp" has become the biggest swamp monster of all. He describes how Trump is packing government agencies with "political termites" who are eating away at the very institutions they’re supposed to protect. He gives lie to the myth of Donald Trump as the champion of the American worker, explains the President’s two very different standards of justice, and reveals how Trump is enriching his family and giving away valuable government property to a new class of American oligarchs. Plus David Cay Johnston says he knows what the Mueller investigation has on Trump, he weighs in on the Stormy Daniels scandal, and makes a prediction for the 2018 midterms.

Order It's Worse Than You Think: What the Trump Administration is Doing to America on Amazon or Audible. Visit and follow David on twitter at @DavidCayJ. Today's episode was sponsored by Kubernetes Engine on Google Cloud Platform.

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