EP 242: Nightline's Dan Harris Becomes My Meditation Guru

January 11, 2018

ABC Nightline's Dan Harris has become a self-professed meditation evangelist ever since his infamous on-air panic attack in 2004 and today he tries to win over the ultimate skeptic...ME.  He reveals how daily meditation has improved life at home and at work, he dispels some of the myths surrounding meditation, and he discusses the  science behind the physical, mental and emotional health benefits of meditation.  He gives a crash course in how you can begin meditating with as little as one minute of free time, and he tells stories from his 23 state meditation bus tour including encounters with some surprising meditation fans like an Ohio Congressman and the cadets and professors of VMI.


Order Dan's book MEDITATION FOR FIDGETY SKEPTICS on Amazon or download the audio book on Audible.  Subscribe to Dan's 10% Happier Podcast and download the 10% Happier App.  Follow him on twitter at @danbharris and at www.10percenthappier.com.  Watch him weeknights on ABC’s Nightline and on the weekend edition of Good Morning America.  Today's episode was sponsored by Squarespace and The Post.  

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