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EP 197: The Other Russia Scandal w/ Filmmaker Bryan Fogel

Filmmaker/cyclist Bryan Fogel set out to see if he could take performance enhancing drugs and get away with it, but he soon found himself in the middle of the most notorious doping scandal in sports history as he helped scientist Grigory Rodchenkov escape Russia and expose an elaborate state-run conspiracy to dope Russia's Olympic athletes. It's all in his thrilling documentary ICARUS which is available on Netflix and in theaters starting on 8/4.

Bryan Fogel discusses how he used himself as a human guinea pig to prove just how easily athletes can cheat anti-drug tests, and he shares how he firsthand experienced the power and the limitations of human growth hormones. Bryan Fogel reveals how Russia’s FSB agents helped athletes at the Sochi Olympics cheat the system, just how high up this scandal goes, and why he says scientist Grigory Rodchenkov is Russia’s Edward Snowden. He also discusses the reaction when he presented this evidence to officials at the World Anti-Doping Agency, and he speculate on why the International Olympic Committee ignored WADA’s recommendations and allowed Russian athletes to compete in the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

ICARUS comes out in select theaters and on Netflix this Friday, August 4. For more information visit Keep up with Bryan at and follow him on Twitter at @BryanFogel.

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