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EP 193: Sea Power w/ Admiral James Stavridis

The former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO Admiral James Stavridis spent 35 years sailing the seven seas and talks about his love of the ocean and the strategic importance of America's naval power. He takes us on an ocean by ocean tour, discussing his experiences and his concerns about geopolitical events in every region of the world, from China’s manmade islands in the South China Sea to Russia’s ambitious territorial grab in the Arctic Circle. He urges President Trump to sign the Law of the Sea Treaty and warns him not to abandon our NATO allies, and he describes how he’s seen the results of global warming with his own eyes in the Arctic.

Order Admiral James Stavridis's book SEA POWER: THE HISTORY AND GEOPOLITICS OF THE WORLD’S OCEANS on Amazon or download the audiobook for free with a special promotion for our listeners at Follow Admiral Stavridis on Twitter at @StavridisJ

This episode is sponsored by The Weather Channel.

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