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EP 131: Award-winning Author Deirdre Bair on Al Capone's Life, Legacy & Legend

Two time American Book Award winning author Deirdre Bair digs deep into the notorious gangster who ruled Chicago with an iron fist in her new biography Al Capone: His Life, Legacy, and Legend. Today she’ll share how she got unprecedented access to the surviving relatives of Al Capone and how their stories passed down through the family revealed the human side of the notorious gangster. She’ll cut through some of the many myths surrounding Capone including the famous baseball bat scene and talk about the Harvard Business School case study on his illegal empire. She’ll discuss the security precautions Al Capone took and divulge where the gangster hid out when things got too hot in Chicago. She’ll dispel the legend of Elliott Ness and talk about the people who really caught Al Capone including one prominent lady lawyer in the 1920’s.

If you enjoyed today’s podcast, then you can order Deirdre Bair's book Al Capone: His Life, Legacy, and Legend on Amazon or you can download the audio version for free at Visit her at

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