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EP 105: Mary Matalin Says It's the GOP That Needs to Change, not Donald Trump

Mary Matalin is one of the most respected conservative strategists, authors and pundits in America, and this April she left the Republican Party to register as a Libertarian, but says she will still vote for the GOP nominee Donald Trump. We discuss her motives for leaving the GOP, why she says it’s been a long time coming, and why she’s more inclined to vote for Trump over the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. Plus I ask Mary Matalin how her mentor President George H.W. Bush and her husband James Carville took the news of her exit from the Republican Party.

If you enjoyed this interview, you can tune in to Mary Matalin's radio show Both Sides Now. Find out more at You can also keep up with Mary at Finally, I highly recommend Mary Matalin's and James Carville's most recent book Love & War: Twenty Years, Three Presidents, Two Daughters and One Louisiana Home. Order it on Amazon or download the audio version for free through a special trial offer just for our listeners at

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